Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency – Digital Gold, Bubble, Get Rich Quick Scheme or Something Else?

Bitcoin has been hitting the headlines again recently, as the cryptocurrency sets a new record high – smashing through the $4,000 point for the first time. Since its launch in 2010, early investors in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have seen huge returns on their investments of 10,000% or more – but are they sustainable, or… [ read on ]

Service Check – Does Your Adviser Offer Regular Review Meetings?

Are you getting the financial advice service you need? Does your adviser bring you in for regular reviews? The value a good financial adviser brings isn’t just in providing recommendations and advice on leading-edge investments to clients – it’s in the continued advice and ongoing review services they provide. At Sterling, regular reviews are integral to… [ read on ]

Maximising Your Annuity – The Importance of Shopping Around

Fail to shop around for your annuity, and it could cost you thousands of pounds over the course of your retirement – that’s the message of a recent report published by the Pensions Policy Institute, in conjunction with provider LV. In this post, we take a look at the options pension holders have at retirement,… [ read on ]

Will You Need to Pay Inheritance Tax?

Inheritance Tax is a hot topic – in the last financial year, the UK government took in an estimated record of £4.7bn from the estates of the deceased. Despite new legislation introduced in April 2017 to reduce the number of estates liable for taxation (check out this post from 2016 outlining the inheritance tax changes),… [ read on ]

Protecting Your Family – Myths Exposed and the Reality in Figures

No one likes to think about the devastating impact that serious accidents, injuries or death could have on their family. The reality is that disaster can strike at any time, and when it does – it’s families with no plan in place and dependent children who bear the brunt of the impact, with life-changing, lasting… [ read on ]

Estate Planning – Protect Your Family Wealth with Business Property Relief

It’s natural to want to pass on as much of your family wealth as possible when you die – but inheritance tax can put a real dent in the value of your estate. Your loved ones will have to pay 40% tax on assets above inheritance tax threshold. The number of families now affected by… [ read on ]

4 Tell-tale Signs It’s Time For A Financial Review

Pensions, savings and investments are like houseplants – you need to look after them if they are going to grow properly! Leave everything to chance and neglect your financial plan and it’s likely that you are missing out on potential returns. How long has it been since you last examined your financial arrangements? If you’re… [ read on ]

Your dream home in reach – the return of the accessible mortgage

The past decade has been tough on first time buyers. After the financial crash of 2008/9, the climate turned decidedly colder for those looking to purchase their first home. 95% and 100% mortgages disappeared overnight as lending criteria were tightened up. Higher interest rates and large deposits became the norm – and have stayed that… [ read on ]

Income protection – securing your family finances in 2017

How long could you survive on your savings if you were unable to work? A recent Aviva study has found that a quarter of UK families have absolutely no savings to fall back on, and nearly half of families (45%) couldn’t support their lifestyles for a single month if the main breadwinner was unable to… [ read on ]

Investing in Turbulent Times – Trump, Brexit and the EU

2017 has started with a bang! The drama of the first few weeks of Trump’s presidency, continued uncertainty over Brexit and upcoming elections across the EU are having a huge impact on the global economy and the world we live in. Interesting, turbulent times like these can cause many investors to become nervous. In this… [ read on ]